There's a tournament in progress every hour at Poker-Flush. There's one going on right now for big bucks. Download our software to participate or just to watch the action.

Tournaments are made up of the same structures as seen at other online poker rooms. There are a number of different tournament options to appeal to all tastes.

 How to Play in a Poker-Flush Tournament
After you open Poker-Flush, find the tournaments tab in the menu. Scroll down the list to find the tournament you are interested in joining.

When you find the tournament you are looking for, double click it to open the tournament lobby page.

From the lobby, you can register for a tournament or open a table to watch. When you click to register for a tournament, a registration box will pop-up to confirm your buy-in, which is then transferred from your poker account. In the case of freerolls, no money is transferred.
Buying-in to a Tournament
Each tournament requires you to buy-in. When buying-in, you transfer a certain amount from your poker account to cover the cost of entry into that tournament. The buy-in is usually a fixed amount plus a smaller percentage, which serves as the house rake. For instance, a $5 buy-in tournament would likely have a $0.50 fee which the house keeps. The total of all the buy-in amounts is used as the cash prize to be distributed to the top winners.

All single-table and the lower level of the multi-stage tournaments require you to use cash to enter, except for freerolls. You may also buy into most higher levels of a multi-stage tournament.

For multi-stage tournaments, Poker-Flush uses special currency to use on your path to the final table. We call it treasure. Each piece has a $ value which depends on the tournament and stage.

Here is a list of the treasure used in multi-stage tournaments:

Copper Coin Silver Ring Gold Bar Black Pearl Gem Stone



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