Big 2 Poker is a game for 2, 3, or 4 players in which each receives 13 cards. The object is to be the first to discard the entire hand.


The player holding the lowest ranked card starts by discarding a card set. Each player, in turn, plays a higher card set or passes. This continues until 3 players pass. The remaining player then starts a new round with any card set. The game ends when 1 player runs out of cards.

Passing doesn't prevent you from playing subsequent rounds in the same game.

Card sets and their values

Here they are, in descending order:

# of cards
Straight Flush
4-of-a-Kind + Kicker
Full House

The ranks and suits are also ordered. In descending order, the cards are ranked 2 A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 (hence the name, "Big 2".) Again in descending order, suits go , making 3 the lowest card. Card rank supersedes suit.

When comparing flushes, the ranks of the 5 cards are compared one by one. If all 5 ranks are identical, the stronger suit wins.

Let's say Player A begins by playing 3 by itself.

However many cards a player initiates action with, every subsequent hand in that round must discard that number of cards. Had Player A discarded a pair, the remaining players (and A himself) could only play pairs in that round.

Player B can only follow with another single, say 9.

Player C is now restricted to singles higher than 9, that is, 9and any 10, J, Q, K, A, or 2. If C holds no singles higher than 9, (or, more likely, wishes to hold onto multiple higher cards for later rounds), she'll pass.
If D and A then pass, B wins the round and can open the next round with whatever he chooses.

When a player has 1 card left, the previous player (the assistant) must play the best possible card set to prevent the next player from winning. The assistant can play a multiple-card set, or, if that's impossible, play the highest possible single card.

If the assistant fails to do this, and the next player wins, the assistant covers everyone's losses and can't take money from other players.

When 2 is played alone, or as part of a pair or 3-of-a-Kind, all opponents automatically pass. A player also passes if he/she holds fewer cards than the number of cards played in the preceding hand.

Dealer Puck:
Big 2 incorporates a dealer puck to initiate payment at the end of each game. The player to the immediate right of the puck is the first to compare his hand with the others', and so on around the table. Any player low on cash is thus prevented from gaining or losing more than what he had available at the start of the game.

 Disconnection Policy

If you disconnect, you have the duration of the hand to reconnect and resume the hand. The hand will progress even if you've been disconnected.

It is up to the player to ensure his connection is reliable. Poker-Flush helps you determine reliability by displaying the network connection from your computer to our servers. Internet Connection status is displayed in the lower left corner; Good, Fair, Poor, or Not Connected. If the connection dips to Fair, either finish your hand and reconnect, or wait for a better time to resume play.

Poker-Flush cannot be held accountable for any funds lost due to disrupted gaming.


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